The Secret to Big Sales Use Executive Language to Close More Deals

“You get sent to whom you sound like.”

Salespeople and leaders complain frequently of not being able to reach the senior executive buyer. More frustrating is reaching those buyers, only to be delegated to a non-buyer further down the decision tree. This is often caused by the use of the language and thought processes of senior executive buyers. The right language, structuring of the sales approach, as well as the preparation for the key sales presentations, makes an enormous difference in the success of reaching senior executive buyers and sustaining your engagement with them.

Key Learnings:

  • The way executive buyers think and their actual focus in your sales approach
  • The structure of conversation in the interaction with all senior executive buyers
  • Specific language and terms that show relevance and value to a senior executive buyer
  • Language that will help exclude competitors from developing a relationship with your senior executive buyer
  • Plan for continuing the engagement of a senior executive buyer focusing on their high-level business issues
  • Establishing you as “trusted advisor” to your senior executive buyer


Participants will be a part of a group of up to 20 more sales leadership and salespeople from various companies. This group will be led through the program over the course of two years through key modules for the focus and outcomes described. Each of the modules will include:

  1. Pre-work in advance of the major sessions including video and their own company data
  2. Major sessions occur every two months and are two hours in length
  3. Review sessions occur every two months between the major sessions and are one hour in length
  4. Over the course of the several sessions in the two years, there will be pre-work, application tool delivery, and application discussion
  5. A working forum is available for the individual members of the specific group to discuss key learnings and insights as they are working through the program


Each module will deliver a thorough approach, tool, and application for improved performance. It is expected that this will improve individual sales performance by greater than 20% over the program delivery. Leadership and execution of this program are the key ingredients to revenue growth success.