The Secret to Big Sales Use Executive Language to Close More Deals

Authored by “Tom Searcy with Carajane Moore”

In The Secret to Big Sales: Use Executive Language to Close More Deals, Tom Searcy and Carajane Moore explain how and why executives use the words they do, and how salespeople can harness those words to land big sales. 

Readers will learn…

  • The building blocks of a great sales story
  • How to ask the right questions to find the information your competitors won’t
  • How each level of the organizational chart talks about money
  • How to get your senior executive buyer to do the selling for you
  • How to transform yourself from a mere salesperson into a trusted expert your prospect looks to for insight and support.
“If what you are selling does not move a big needle on the financial dashboard of the senior executive buyer, then you will neither interest nor meaningfully engage that buyer.”

Tom Searcy CEO & Founder of Hunt Big Sales

A nationally recognized author, speaker, and the foremost expert in large account sales. By the age of 40, Searcy had led four corporations from revenues of less than $10 million to greater than $100 million. This growth was achieved through a large account sales system he developed and implemented without buying, selling, or merging. Searcy is a regular contributor to the Inc. Magazine conferences, the Inc. 500/500 Conferences, and Vistage International, the leading organization for CEO thought-leadership, where he is ranked in the top 1% of speakers. He is ranked Global Gurus “World’s Top 30 Sales Professionals for 2023” and #1 on the list with a focus on big sales. This is his 6th book.

Carajane Moore president & partner of Hunt Big Sales

Carajane Moore, has helped clients land billions of dollars in new business and has paved new ground using the “hunt” approach in industries such as medical devices, telecommunications, technology, real estate, aviation, and construction. Recently, Moore was recognized as a leading woman in business and was featured in O, The Oprah Magazine, Entrepreneur, Fortune, and Forbes magazines.

“The power of one of the members of the buying team to say no is more powerful than even the senior executive buyer’s ability to say yes.”